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Basement Water Flood

We repair clean & restore any water damaged basement

As anyone who has ever had a basement can attest, you don’t have to be near a river or other body of water to have a basement water flood. Basement water floods can occur because of rainstorms, burst pipes, leaks, and more. Basement water floods can be very dangerous if mishandled, but they must be handled quickly to avoid permanent damage to your home.

If you ever experience a basement water flood, the first thing you must do is make sure that it is safe to enter your basement. Before you do anything else, you need to turn off all electricity to your basement so that you don’t risk electrocution. If you can’t reach the circuit breaker box without walking through the water, you may need to use a broom or other long object. If there is no way to safely reach the circuit breaker, then leave the job to the professionals. A qualified electrician or representative of your power company can do the job for you. If your home has gas, you need to turn that off as well. If you smell gas before you turn it off, contact your service provider from outside of your home and let them handle it.

If you attempt to handle a basement water flood yourself, you will need to wear protective gear. Once you are protected, you will need to use a water pump to remove the water from your basement. If the water level in your basement is too high, then you absolutely must call in a basement water flood professional such as the team at NY Water Damage. Our basement water flood specialists are equipped with the very best pumps to remove the water from your basement. Once the water is removed, our basement water flood team can remove and restore any carpets and rugs, sanitize the area, dry it, and dehumidify it. If you ever experience a basement water flood in your home, call the basement water flood experts at NY Water Damage.

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